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This is a small page dedicated to the U-47.

After the dive trip to Scapa Flow, I got more and more interested in the U-47. Searching the web for info, building the Revell 1/125 kit (Actually the closed U-99 version with decals of the U-47). Finally I found the perfect website on the boat: U47.org

The U-47, commanded by Günter Prien was the submarine that sneaked inside Scapa Flow and sank the HMS Royal Oak. Which was a daring thing to do, considering Scapa Flow was the main base of the United Kingdom navy during the war.

But the search continued. As I am a scuba diver, I would really love to dive the wreck. But then there is a problem. Where is it? Apparently noone knows for sure. The best guess I have is 60°47N, 19°31W which would be here:

Besides the fact there is no exactly known position, that position would be difficult to dive as a recreational scuba diver (it is just too deep)

Anyway, I found out, the Germans have similar memorials like "The Wall" where the american casualties of the Vietnam war are listed. And searching the internet, I actually found the memorial where the U-47 crew is listed. It is in a small town called Moeltenort, near Kiel. Actually there is a sub on display there also, the U-995. I would love to go there and see for myself one day. Until that time I have to do with this:

Another goodie I would love to own is the radio controlled 1/40 model from Robbe. Have a look at Robbe U47

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Some pictures of my U-47 model.